TMCO Tools inspection department consists of a 1200 square ft. environmentally controlled Inspection Lab. The Lab is manned on all three shifts by 6 Technicians who perform 1st Article Inspections, In-Procees, and Final Inspection Audits on all components produced at TMCO Tools.

All physical Inspections are performed using tools conforming to N.I.S.T. standards. The equipment utilized in the metrology lab include a variety standard precision hand tools, including; O.D. Micrometers, I.D. Micrometers, Depth Mics, Height Gauges…etc.. Inspections may also be performed on 1 of 3 precision Sheffield, servo-driven Coordinate Measuring Machines. The largest of the 3 CMM’s is our Cordax RS-150 that has a measurement envelope of 50″ Wide x 84″ Long x 32″ High. TMI has the ability to write CMM programs on-site for any component produced within the machine shop.

Hardness inspections are performed using a Rams Rockford Rockwell testor or King Testor Portable Brinell machine. Surface finish on any critical components may be monitored using either our Starret, Model 3800 profilometer or our Bendix Profilometer.